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Branding and Mobile Application Design


Umobi is a motorized bicycle rental company
based out of Seattle, WA. With growing concern  
for transportation in the area, and the search for
alternative methods, Umobi provides a handy
transportation option. Busy professionals, local     
city-dwellers, or those planning to explore the city,
will find Umobi to be a fun and easy way to travel.

The concept behind the brand is that people           
can get moving and do what they need to do,            
no matter what their goals are. Incorporating         
a gear into the brand helped establish motion     
and mobility. The brand promotes a personalized
experience by simplifying shapes and color.

The sporty-looking type treatment reflects           
the bicycles themselves. Bright, vibrant colors     
were used to make Umobi stand out in an urban
setting. The branding, carried across bicycles,     
kiosks, and a mobile application, establishes           
easy recognition of Umobi.



*Academic Project


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