Petersen Law

Business Card Redesign


An updated business card was needed that
would give more insight to the recipient into
the type of law being practiced. A more modern
and straightforward style was chosen.

The font used, and arrangement of information
given, needed to reinforce the professionalism of
the font in the logo. They also needed to be easy
to read and understand in moments of crisis by
those to whom the card is intended.

To achieve a sleek and defined feel, and echo
vehicular style, the color scheme was kept to
a minimum, emphasizing the silver and black
extremes. This, along with the imagery, helped
to reinforce the automotive aspect of
the profession.


Seasonal Flyer


Promotional material was needed for a local event
which encouraged alcohol consumption. The flyers
had to be inviting and informative, but also blend
in with the festive nature of the event without
provoking negative opinions of the local sponsors. 

Since it was a summertime event, a concept was
selected which centered around the feeling of
freedom and relaxation. Simple imagery was used
to ensure a quick impact from the viewer and peak
curiosity. The color scheme chosen had to work
with the colored version of the logo.

The copy, considering its audience, needed to be
short and concise as well as explain the purpose of
the promotional material. The size was considered
and encourages use as an item to have on hand in
a time of need.


Gerl Law, Petersen Law

Coding and Web Design


As an attempt to increase the flow of business
traffic, a collaborative web page was created for
two separate attorneys. The page was built from
a printed flyer version, only importing images
and recreating the graphics and copy to match
its look and feel.

Coded from scratch in HTML and CSS, the page
was built to link directly to either attorney’s
professional home page. All of the links were
built into the pre-existing elements of the flyer.


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