All Fitness

Promotional Flyer


The purpose of this flyer is to promote MMA style
classes and entice people to sign up for instruction
and training. This was also a good opportunity for
the owner to announce his social media presence.

Taking into consideration the strong visual impact
of the photographs, a neutral gray and white
background was selected for balance. Typography
was chosen according to its contrasting weight
and balance against the logo and the photographs.

The imagery was targeted with various circular
shapes to almost mimic the look of the gym floor,
while reinforcing an individual and specialized
instruction. While the photographic texture
in the flyer gives off a rough and manly look,
it helped to separate the owners image from
the others and add to the visual hierarchy.


*Academic Project


*All company names, brand names, trademarks, and logos are used for academic projects only and are the property of their respective owners.