Banner Advertisements


A quick banner graphic was created to match the
design style of Amazon’s home and gift sections.

Cool colors were selected to enhance the products’
color and style. The products were specifically
pieced together for their modern and stylish
qualities, to draw in a more modern shopper.

The layout and size of the imagery mimics
the visual style of Amazon’s other graphics.


In an effort to increase interest in the brand,
this banner ad was created for Amazon’s website.

With a consistent flow in mind, a centered style
was used. The intent of the imagery was to show
the products’ effectiveness, or hint thereof, from
the inside out.

In the foreground of the visual hierarchy is the logo
in orange. A sense of dependability from the brand
was the goal of this banner ad.


Editorial Splash Page


This summer trend editorial splash page was put together with product promotion in mind. All copy, product images and information were pre-selected.

Fonts were selected for their unique and dramatic attributes. All background imagery was chosen
to play off of the colors and qualities of the products advertised.

The location and purpose of each product was considered in order to give the layout a more subtle yet organized feel. Particular attention was given
to the flow of the eye around the page and the relation of size between each product.


Flyout Advertisement


In this video game flyout, made for
Amazon’s website, the images were combined
and manipulated to showcase the series.

Made to resemble a game case, the main image
was placed over th eedges for visual interest.
Intentionally, the large white space was left
open for more copy used on the website.


*All company names, brand names, trademarks, and logos are used for academic projects only and are the property of their respective owners.