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Amenities Brochure

Amenities Brochure

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Pacific Royale

Pacific Royale is a new residential complex located in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Its amenities are catered towards a more affluent clientele, and reflect the forward modernization of the area. A collateral kit was created to advertise to the nearby community.

The colors used were chosen to represent contemporary up-scale living in a Northwest setting, while portraying a sense of cleanliness, comfort, and high class. Warm and luxurious looking images were used to give an exciting and inviting look to the collateral.

Business cards, a folder, and brochure display the look of the building and outer living area. Layout inserts, designed across four room-size options, highlight the inner living area. An urban billboard displays the advantages of living near South Lake Union. The brand and concept are also carried across into a website format.

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All Fitness




Seasonal Flyer - front view

Seasonal Flyer - rear view

Petersen Law, PLLC




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Gerl Law PLLC,
Petersen Law PLLC


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