Umobi is a motorized bicycle rental company based out of Seattle, WA. With growing concern for transportation in the area, and the search for alternative methods, Umobi provides a handy transportation option. Busy professionals, local city-dwellers, or those planning to explore the city, will find Umobi to be a fun and easy way to travel.

The concept behind the brand is that people can get moving and do what they need to do, no matter what their goals are. Incorporating a gear into the brand helped establish motion and mobility. The brand promotes a personalized experience by simplifying shapes and color.

The sporty-looking type treatment reflects the bicycles themselves. Bright, vibrant colors were used to make Umobi stand out in an urban setting. The branding, carried across bicycles, kiosks, and a mobile application, establishes easy recognition of Umobi.

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Collateral Kit

Layout Option Inserts

Amenities Brochure

Amenities Brochure

Urban Billboard


Pacific Royale

Pacific Royale is a new residential complex located in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Its amenities are catered towards a more affluent clientele, and reflect the forward modernization of the area. A collateral kit was created to advertise to the nearby community.

The colors used were chosen to represent contemporary up-scale living in a Northwest setting, while portraying a sense of cleanliness, comfort, and high class. Warm and luxurious looking images were used to give an exciting and inviting look to the collateral.

Business cards, a folder, and brochure display the look of the building and outer living area. Layout inserts, designed across four room-size options, highlight the inner living area. An urban billboard displays the advantages of living near South Lake Union. The brand and concept are also carried across into a website format.

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Rustic Bomber

Rustic Bomber is a small batch, blended whiskey, distilled in the Northwest that offers a unique sense experience. By using Northwest ingredients, presented in an alluring package, Rustic Bomber embodies the classic, sexiness of whiskey. Young adults, or whiskey lovers of all ages, get satisfaction with Rustic Bomber.

An iconic Bomber Girl was created by combining a bomb with an modern, rebellious looking mascot. Line and form were also taken into consideration for supporting the curves of women, as well as the bomb.

A promotional gift pack, containing the Whiskey bottle and two glasses, was created using military inspired colors. The color scheme contrasts the feminine and powerful colors used for the brand.

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Life is all about relationships and experiences. The logo for Ecite represents the relationship circles people develop. The colors represent youth and the excitement of life experiences.

Many young adults, and most middle-aged Americans, are too busy to explore their surrounding neighborhoods, or become bored with the same old routine. The mobile application for Ecite makes socializing simpler, and finding ways to spend time, easier. 

Images and typography were chosen for their playful features. Color was used, throughout the app, to tie the look and feel into the brand.

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Daniel's Fitness



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